Loyalty programme

How does the loyalty programme work?

The loyalty programme allows you to accumulate points on all the products purchased from the www.eyecare.fr website, excluding items on sale.

How do I join the loyalty programme?

You automatically join the loyalty programme when you create your account on the www.eyecare.fr website and place your first order.

How long is my loyalty voucher valid for?

The loyalty voucher is valid for 6 months after it is issued.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned on every order according to the following terms and conditions: you accumulate 10 points with every €10 purchase of non-sale items and shipping costs. 10 points = €1 loyalty voucher. Once you have accumulated €5, your loyalty voucher is available.

Can you earn points on all the products?

NO, you cannot gain loyalty points for items on sale.

How do I use my loyalty voucher?

When your loyalty voucher is active, you receive an email containing a code to enter at the end of your basket. You can also consult your loyalty points total in your account under the My loyalty account heading. It indicates the code to enter, along with your voucher's expiration date.

How can I consult my loyalty points total?

You can consult your loyalty points total by going to your account under the heading: Loyalty programme.

Can I use my loyalty voucher on a basket containing items on sale?

YES, the loyalty voucher may be used with all current offers.