Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment

You are undergoing cancer treatment

Initially developed for sensitive and allergic skins, due to their unique conception which gives them an excellent cosmetovigilance, Eye Care Cosmetics’ products offer a high tolerance response suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. They can be used as part of the supportive care needed to treat common side effects (dehydrated, sensitive skin, damage to skin appendages, etc.).

Eye Care Cosmetics products are increasingly used in cancer centres under the direction of oncologists, cancer nurses and socio-beauticians.

These skincare products must continue to be used at home to reduce or camouflage the treatments’ effects on the skin and skin appendages, in accordance with the recommendations of the cancer centre and its medical team.

Some tips to restore your face’s natural beauty and radiance.

- Remember to moisturise your face.

-Your facial skin is much more affected by the environment than that of the body. Protect it by carefully cleansing your face morning and evening – Eye Care Cosmetics’ Gentle Cleansing Lotion and Gentle Cleansing Tonerare particularly well-suited for this.

- Give yourself a healthy glow in a few easy steps with the Complexion Radiance Cream combined with the Bronzer Powder, to give you that just back from holiday look

- Glossy lipstick applied to your lips is the perfect way to illuminate your face.

- Consider using a Soothing Hydrating Mask once a week for a good moisturising treatment!

- For your eyes, opt for the Automatic Eyeliner, which is easier to apply with a long lasting result that won't run (grey, black, blue, etc.).