My colour test to get my makeup right

Follow this colour guide to select the makeup shades and colours that fit your personality and time of day.

My complexion

My skin tone is light medium matt

My need:

Skin imperfections
Compact Foundation
Radiance and comfort
Cream Foundation
Coloured day cream
Loose powder
Staying matt all day long
Compact powder
Correcting redness and dark circles
Crayon duo
Dark spots and circles
Concealer duo pencil
Dark circles
Cream concealor
Small touches of light
Cream concealor
Healthy glow effect
Soft compact powder

My eyes

My eyes are brown blue green

For a natural makeup finish

Waterproof eyeshadow
Pencil liner
Eyelash makeup
Long-lash mascara

For a glamorous makeup finish

Waterproof eyeshadow
Automatic eyeliner
Eyelash makeup
Volumizing mascara
Eyebrow pencil

My lips

I want my makeup to look natural daytime party

My nails

I want a nail varnish to match my lip colour:

For a glamorous touch, match the varnish to your outfit too.