Bio inertia and formulation charter

The criteria chosen for product formulations were that as well as being compatible with contact lenses they would in all respects cater to those who suffer from problems of intolerance.
Bio-inertia ensures the complete neutrality of the substances used on the skin and eye tissues, eliminating adverse reaction or irritation between the product and the body (tears, cornea, the base of the eyelashes, epidermis etc)

It is accompanied by a strict formulation charter, ensuring :

  • ultra-micronized formulae
  • pigments insoluble in water
  • non-ionic ingredients
  • rigorous selection of ingredients for their ocular and cutaneous high tolerance
  • removal of ingredients associated with risk
  • use of physiological active doses
  • priority of natural ingredients or those of natural origin
  • fragrances are allergen-free
  • no products use extracts of animal origin.