My eyelashes and eyebrows are falling out, what should I do?

My eyelashes and eyebrows are falling out, what should I do?

Your eyelashes and eyebrows are becoming finer, thinning and even falling out. This is often temporary, but not always easy to live with. Here are a few tips to support you during this period.

Eyelashes and eyebrows, the essentials

Eyelashes and eyebrows are highly aesthetic because they structure and emphasise the face. Not only that, they are also very important for protecting your eyes, acting as a barrier to dust and impurities in the environment. It is therefore critical to protect them and encourage regrowth to look after your vulnerable and sensitive eyes.

There may be several reasons for your eyelashes and eyebrows to become fragile or fall out, including disease, treatment, after using an aggressive product, periods of stress or a sign of ageing.

What can you do to stop such phenomena and restore a beautiful line of well-defined eyelashes and eyebrows?

Choose a strengthening growth activator serum

When eyelashes become finer and begin to thin and fall out, apply a special strenghtening product.

In the absence of eyelashes and eyebrows, you can apply certain products enriched with amino acids and peptides, to the bulb in order to reactivate the formation of the hair shaft. Unfortunately, in the absence of hairs, it is impossible to use a mascara applicator. In this case, a liner applicator is perfect, because it can be used to apply a line of growth activator product for eyelashes and eyebrows at the base of the eyelid, along the eyelash line and in the eyebrow area.

When your eyebrows and eyelashes begin to grow again, you must continue to apply the strengthening, growth activator treatment, enriched in organic silicon and panthenol. Its application at the root of the eyelashes and on the eyebrows using a liner applicator must be combined with an application using the mascara wand along the hair to strengthen it and give it density. For a visible result, this type of product must be used for a minimum of 3 months, which is the time needed to reactivate the hair growth cycle.

If your eyelashes and eyebrows have fallen out due to chemotherapy, they should begin to grow again once the treatment has finished. Use of a growth activator treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows will encourage their regrowth and strengthen the new eyelashes.

In the absence of eyelashes and eyebrows and during certain treatments, your eyes may be more sensitive to external stress. At these times, you need to moisturise them well using a special eye lotion.

How do I apply make-up to my eyelashes and eyebrows while waiting for them to grow back?

When eyelashes are weakened and easily fall out, it is recommended that you avoid mascara, as it can weigh them down and draw attention to the fact that your eyelashes are becoming sparse. However, by redrawing the eyelash line and restoring the intensity to your eyes using liner or waterpoof eyeliner for impeccable staying power throughout the day, is a trick that you can’t do without. However, be careful not to choose an overly dark shade, so as not to harden and narrow the eyes, opt for brown or grey.

A touch of brightening eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye will make your eyes look bigger and restore their radiance.

Redraw your eyebrows using an eyebrow liner,also waterproof if possible, for well-defined brows. To help you to redraw the shape properly, take a look at the article "How best to apply eyebrow make-up", where you will find all the reference points for that perfect eyebrow.

Remember to remove all the make-up from your eyes every evening with a gentle eye make-up remover, which avoids the need for any hard rubbing. This will gently remove all traces of make-up and impurities that could hinder the regrowth of eyelashes and eyebrows and the action of the growth activator product on the bulbs of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

By listening to this advice and after a few weeks of applying a strengthening treatment, your eyelashes and eyebrows should grow back visibly longer, denser and stronger.

Published : 12/17/2018