Brittle or damaged nails: how to take care of them

Brittle or damaged nails: how to take care of them

Are your nails soft, brittle, ridged, split or even yellow? Perhaps you would like to do a nice manicure but you are afraid it will make things worse? Don’t worry, brittle and damaged nails are no longer a fatality and you can give them a make-over. It will even make them stronger. Just follow a few simple rules. Follow the guide!

Just like our body and our skin, good nail health first of all depends on good moisturisation.

An essential step for healthy nails: moisturisation.

Made brittle from frequent hand-washing, the cold, household products...the nails become dry, break and flake easily.

Above all remember to effectively moisturise and nourish the nails and around the nails daily with the nourishing nail cream or fortifying oil, and allow them breathe by pushing back the cuticles with a suitable emollient gel.

The base is the base!

Application of a protective nail base coat is essential. The nail care should be selected according to its properties: hardening, smoothing, anti-splitting…, depending on your nail problem. The nail care polishes are enriched in active ingredients targeting the specific concerns of brittle and damaged nails.

The base coat protects and improves the appearance of the nail while preparing it for optimal application and better hold of coloured polish.

Now for some colour!

Protected by the “treatment” polish, your nails are now for the coloured polish. Whether you prefer nude or flashy shades, prefer coloured polishes which also help protect your brittle and damaged nails. Some coloured polishes are enriched in moisturising active ingredients which structure the nail, such as Ultra Vernis Silicium – Urea nail enamel whereas others enriched in vitamins and trace elements contribute to the growth of healthier, stronger nails.

Be careful with the remover!

Now your nails can be safely manicured. To protect them right to the tips and to prevent them from becoming even more brittle, when removing the polish use an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Now that you know how to take care of your brittle and damaged nails, don’t forget to give them a break between two manicures all the same, at the weekend for example, to allow them to breathe.

Published : 01/25/2018