How best to apply eyebrow make-up

How best to apply eyebrow make-up

Sparse, unruly, too thin – are your eyebrows giving you a hard time?

To correct a minor flaw, redefine their shape or simply intensify the eyes, eyebrow make-up is the final step for complete eye make-up.

Here are all our tips for perfect brows.

To tame and fill out the eyebrows :

Brow Mascara is ideal and very easy to use, perfect for beginners. It styles the brows for a natural result without caking.

How? Choose the same colour as your brows, or a more intense shade, depending on the desired effect. Then apply it from the inner corner to the outer edge of the brow, in an upwards movement, for a very natural result.


To fill in sparse eyebrows or redefine their line:

An eyebrow pencil helps restore texture to thinned brows and recreate their shape. There are even waterproof versions, to ensure make-up remains flawless all day long.

How? After brushing your brows, redefine them and fill in sparse areas, holding the pencil vertically and drawing small lines, following 3 points of reference:

The first point shows where your eyebrows should begin: to find it, trace an imaginary vertical line from the edge of your nose past the inner corner of the eye.

The second is the place where your eyebrows should end: find this point by tracing a line from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

The final one defines the highest point of the brow and is found by tracing a line from the edge of the nose past the outer edge of the pupil.

If you would like very defined eyebrows, you can achieve a more sophisticated result or an evening make-up look by combining both these methods.

How? Start by redefining the brow line with an eyebrow pencil, then tame them and set the make-up with a brow mascara.

Once you have chosen your texture according to the desired result, it is important to choose the right shade. This should be the shade of your eyebrows, or slightly darker, but watch out for overly dark shades, which can harden the eyes

Published : 11/29/2018