Respect the tear film

This film is composed of 3 layers secreted by the lacrimal glands.  Functions of the tear film:
Protection from evaporation
Provides the nutrients
Contributes to immune system
Creates a mucous film
Lipid layer Aqueous layer Mucin layer


Emerging from Laboratoires Contapharm's expertise in skin-contactology, their exclusive discovery of the concept of bio-inertia is at the heart of the company quality charter guiding all formulations of the product range: it ensures complete neutrality of all ingredients applied to the skin and around the eye area.

Research and Development teams focused on creating the first micronized powders, the first green shades of chrome-free makeup, the first paraben-free makeup range and the first makeup line that was made only of mineral pigments. All definitive advances for the care of sensitive eyes and skin.


An exceptionally high quality, uncompromising selection of ingredients (using ultra-micronized formulae, pigments insoluble in water, non-ionic substances, in conjunction with the elimination of components associated with risk, all active ingredients are used in physiologically safe dosages) provides exceptional cosmetic safety. Only 4 products out of 100,000 sold have been the subject of a complaint!


Natural or of natural origin, ingredients are selected for their safety and results.


Reconciling high-tolerance requirements with pleasure and beauty: sublime textures, refined with subtle fragrances; a masterful understanding of colour, from the classics to the most fashion-forward shades.

Made in France

All Eye Care Cosmetics products are designed and manufactured in France.