Our face complexion tips

For successful face complexion results, discover these top tips from our Eye Care Cosmetics makeup artist

When it comes to your face, correcting makeup is essential to beautifying the complexion and hiding temporary, or permanent marks and imperfections.

To camouflage what ?

Dermatological conditions such as: psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, angioma, rosacea, acne, post-acne scars, oily skin, pregnancy masks.
Following cosmetic surgery or procedures
Dermo-abrasions, wrinkle filling, laser/peeling/lifting treatments, eyelid or facial surgery.

Skin imperfections correction

The basic principles for correcting skin imperfections: a superposition of 2 complementary colours.
Green neutralizes red (rosacea, scars, angiomas),
Yellow/beige neutralize mauve (under eye circles, varicose or spider veins…),
Lighter shades create volume,
Darker shades create depth
By mixing different effects, we can modify, unify, correct the complexion,
White evens out and catches light.

How to achieve a natural makeup result?

Thoroughly cleanse skin (exfoliating scrub - mask),
Apply an appropriate skincare product adapted to skin type and sensitivity,
Cover up imperfections with the Duo concealer pencil (green or yellow/beige),
Unify the complexion with a cream of compact foundation,
Fix and matify makeup result with light powders.

Expert tips

Heavy makeup increases surface irregularities, attracts attention and accentuates a sensation of camouflage,
Always use makeup minimally,
Apply compact foundation in smally touches, blending well with fingertips,
On zones to be covered, do not rub, you will only erase the correction.