Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find our products ?

In pharmacies and parapharmacies.
On our website, under heading "OUR STORES", are all the addresses where you can find our products. Even if your chemist does not carry our products, he can order them and satisfy your request within 48h / 72h. All the pharmaceutical wholesalers in France list our products, it's a service that the Contapharm Laboratories supply, make the most of it !

Do your products contain Nickel ?

NO, all the products in the Eye Care Cosmetics range are nickel-free, which means we have not added this raw material to our formulae. However, infinitely small traces may persist. Allergies triggered by nickel are mainly contact allergies. Our mascara brushes have nickel-free rods, as do the bearings in our nail enamer bottles. Experience shoes that it is preferable to avoid brownish shades in favour of greyish shades for those ultra-sensitive to nickel.

Do your products contain Peruvian Balm, Lanolin or Cobalt ?


Are your products tested on animals ?


Can contact lenses wearers use Eye Care Cosmetics ?

YES, this make-up range was originally developped especially for contact lenses wearers, thanks to specific technical characteristics. Only the AUTOMATIC EYELINER must not be used when wearing contact lenses, because there is a risk of staining.

Why are the Eye Care Cosmetics ultra silicon-urea nail enamel recommended to women treated with chemotherapy ?

These nail enamed which formula is enriched with silicon and urea can be used in chemotherapy treatment to preserve the loss of nails thanks to their silicon content and their protection anti UVA and UVB, agents of photosensitivity.

Instructions for use : apply a layer of Ultra nail enamel clear as base, then apply 2 layers of a coloured Ultra nail enamel (except the shades passion/light pink/grenadine/currant which are not protective). Small retouches can be done if necessary, but it is recommended, if the nail polish is chipped, to remove all varnish from your nails with an acetone-free nail varnish remover and to start application over again so as not to overload the fragilized nail.

How long does your product last after opening ?

The usage time use of your product is shown on the packaging as a number of months, inside the siglum "opened pot".

How to contact us :

- by mail : or
- by telephone : +33 (0)1-64-25-03-33
- by fax : +33 (0) 1-64-06-37-72