Our makeup tips

To get your makeup just right, follow the tips of our Eye Care Cosmetics makeup expert

A good makeup result starts with perfectly cleansed and moisturized skin. What's more, if you want it to hold well, it's best to wait around 10 minutes after moisturizing before applying makeup.

Complexion makeup

If you want to achieve a perfect complexion, you need to apply each makeup product in the right order:

  • first, apply your concealer using the sponge applicator, then blend in by patting gently to hide any flaws (signs of fatigue, redness, dark circles...). You can also use the complexion correcting pencil,
  • second, use fingertips to apply your tinted cream or foundation, cream or compact, smoothing outwards (without rubbing in), to unify your complexion,
  • third, use a big brush to sweep on a generous cloud of loose powder all over your face for a silky, mat finish. During the day, use the powder compact for retouches,
  • finish with a touch of blush on your cheek bones to set off your face.

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Eye makeup

Enhancing your eyes to intensify their gaze is an essential makeup step. Each product plays a specific role :

  • eyeshadow attracts light,
  • eye pencil or eye liner applied along the upper lash line widens the eyes,
  • mascara accentuates and brightens your look by thickening the lashes and giving an impression of longer length.

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Lip makeup

Illuminating your complexion, shaping your face, catching the light, lipsticks, lip pencils or lipglosses can do all these for you.

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Nail makeup

Nail polish protects your nails and adds shine and colour to match your lips. For improved hold, we recommend using a coat of clear varnish as a base.

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